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ByMichael Slater

Black Belt Grading 2017

December 19th Sensei Steve Leak and Sensei Andy Kewley from Karate International attended Hurworth to grade the black belts in a grueling session.   The following grades were achieved:-


  • Denis Slater 4th Dan
  • Michael Slater 3rd Dan
  • James Reese 2nd Dan
  • Colin Williams 2nd Dan
  • Michael Skingley 2nd Dan
  • Marcel Schubert 2nd Dan
  • George Skingley Snr 1st Dan


Congratulations are in order for all who participated…

ByMichael Slater

2017 Karate Internation Interclub Competition

Nine members of Hurworth Kyosho Karate Club attended the competition in Leeds, hosted by Steve Leak of Karate International.

The club managed to win 16 medals at the competition in both kata and sparring.

Hurworth also claimed gold in the 3 man team kata, beating both Leeds clubs.


Competitor Gold Silver Bronze
Denis Slater (3rd Dan) 1 1 0
Michael Slater (2nd Dan) 1 1 1
James Reese (1st Dan) 3 0 0
Marcel Schubert (1st Dan) 1 1 0
Mike Skingley (1st Dan) 0 0 1
Colin Williams (1st Dan) 0 2 0
George Skingley (1st Dan) 0 1 0
Katie Mark (4th Kyu) 1 0 0
Amy Ireson (7th Kyu) 1 0 0